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Grounding Experience @ Boom Land 2015

Grounding Experience took place for the first time in 2015, at Boom Land for the first Be-In Gathering, now called Being Gathering.
Check how it was here in this link...
Grounding Experience

Rafaela in this first ever Grounding Experience

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Grounding Connection Boom Festival 2016

We loved to be present at Boom Festival 2016 edition presenting Grounding Connection.
Boomers came and experienced this invitation to connect to their Planet thru a mound of sifted Soil.

Soil, which is the most important organism under our feet is the one element used to be poured on top of people’s skin after it has been sifted so to make the journey of connecting oneself to one’s Planet a safe and sweet meditation.
The idea of using Soil is to call for the importance our collective behaviour towards nutrientes being washed away to the oceans.
The other perspective concerns the actual earthing as a condition that is required to be present in order to make us all able to be in balance and therefore able to make decisions which affects the Whole.


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